Captivate your customers with revolving credit

Cater to your customer's evolving needs with a transparent and reliable revolving credit solution. Whether your customers seek the freedom to explore credit options with personal credit cards, corporate cards, or business lines of credit, TRITIUM® empowers you to create the ideal solution that is tailored to their specific requirements.


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Drive revenue with the innovative credit products your customers demand


Provide the personalized experience your customers are waiting for and watch your bottom line skyrocket. Expand your revolving credit offering with the ability to configure on the fly, to roll back fraud, and to implement repayment configurations.


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Lean into your customers' demands with confidence 


Elevate your customers' credit experience. Configure the revolving credit product your customers want when they want it, every time. With TRITIUM, you have the tools to create dynamic credit products in record time and stay ahead of the market with a platform that's built to change.



Turn back the clock on fraud


Mitigate the impact of fraud incidents effortlessly. Now, you can swiftly reverse any fraudulent activities on your customers' accounts the moment it is detected. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual calculations and produce accurate account information on demand.


Repayment configuration at your fingertips


Manage your revolving credit program in real time with a cloud-based platform and ensure compliance with intricate regulatory requirements effortlessly. With E6, you have complete control over the repayment hierarchy, allowing you to seamlessly manage the prioritization of your customer's balances with just a few clicks.

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Build something your customers will love.

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