Installment loans anywhere, anytime


Let your customers pay what they want, when they want. Capitalize on the growing demand for installment loans with E6’s installments platform. Our ready-to-launch solution can power everything from BNPL to small business loans to installment cards. 

Whatever you want to build, E6’s real-time ledger lets you define, calculate, and deliver loans at any point in the customer journey.


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Installments offerings, streamlined


Split payments into personal installment loans without pulling out the calculator. With our cloud-based, dynamic APIs, you can seamlessly build installments into any customer experience: your existing banking app, third-party platforms, virtual cards, and more. 

Enable installments at any time, including before, during, and after the purchase. The E6 installments solution automatically calculates an amortization schedule and handles repayment processing for any loan, so you can easily build a full-featured and convenient product.


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Product launch and value adds in record time


Quickly build an installment loan product tailored to your unique use case, and give customers instant access to credit. From pre-purchase loans to QR-driven BNPL to post-purchase transaction conversion, E6 enables the features your customers want.

Boost customer loyalty and rapidly grow revenue by building an integrated, one-stop destination for your customers’ installment loans. Manage every part of your program, from loan requirements to repayment to monetization, all through our robust API or intuitive dashboard UI.


Installments products tailor made for your customers


Grow as you go. Manage installments according to your business goals. From consumer installment loans to small business lending, you’re free to segment and configure your product for any target audience. 

E6 makes it simple to finetune your program, down to the last detail. Interest-bearing installment loans, split payments, or deferred repayments—they’re all an API call away with E6. 

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