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Cookie Policy Overview

Effective Date
This Cookie Policy is effective as of February 24, 2023. We may amend this Cookie Policy from time to time, and changes will be posted on this web page with the effective date noted here.

We encourage you to review this Cookie Policy periodically. If we make significant changes to this Cookie Policy, we will place a prominent notice on this web page for a reasonable period of time afterwards, so that it will be easier for you to see that changes have been made.

This Cookie Policy applies to cookies and any tracking tools that Episode Six, Inc., or its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “E6”), use when you visit our public website at or our customer documentation web portal on an subdomain (collectively, the “Websites”). In this policy, we explain how and why we use cookies and other tracking tools, and provide information about third parties which place cookies via our Websites.

For cookies which are not necessary for the provision of our Websites and services, we provide the option to decline all non-essential cookies by clicking “Decline non-essential cookies” on our Websites’ cookie banner. If you would like to change your cookie settings for our Websites, please click here. [link to generate cookie banner]

For more details about how we process your personal information, including any personally identifiable information that may arise from our use of cookies or other tracking tools, please refer to our Privacy Policy.



Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device by your web browser. Each cookie contains an identifier (that is, a series of letters and numbers) that is sent back to the relevant web server by your browser each time your browser requests a page from that server.

Information provided by cookies can help us to improve your experience using our Websites by remembering your preferences. Cookies allow us to recognize your device and browser so that we can associate them with your previous activity on our Websites, including settings you have selected.

Data obtained from cookies may be linked with personal information that we hold about you without storing any personally identifying information in the cookie itself. One way this happens is when you visit our Website by following a link in a marketing email we have sent to you and also consent to non-essential cookies. When you have previously consented on a third-party website to cookies on your device from one of our advertising or technology partners that allow them to link your activity to their profile of you, we may receive additional information from them that links your identity to activity on our Website. This is possible through third-party cookies from our partner which may be set if you consent to non-essential cookies on our Website. Please view the What cookies do we use? section of our Privacy Policy for more information about which third-party cookies our Websites use.



Essential vs. non-essential cookies
Essential cookies are necessary for the Website to function as intended (for example, to record your preferences selected on the cookie banner, to keep you logged in during a browser session, or to enable navigation to work properly). You cannot opt out of essential cookies, but you can delete them from your device later, or your browser may allow you to block them altogether. Please note that if you block all cookies, some aspects of the Websites may not function exactly as intended.

Non-essential cookies enable functions that are not necessary for the Website to function properly. Examples are generating statistical data about how a website is used, tracking your visits to different web pages, associating your browsing activity with your user profile on a third-party site, enabling targeted or personalized ads, or enabling personalized website features. You can choose to opt out of or block non-essential cookies, and you can also delete them from your device later if you choose to opt in.

Session cookies vs. persistent cookies
Cookies can typically be either session cookies, which are set to be stored on your device only until you close the web page in your browser; or persistent cookies, which are set to be stored on your device until their expiry date, unless you delete them from your device before then. Some temporary cookies may have expiry periods as short as one minute which are not dependent on when you close your browser session.

First-party vs. third-party cookies
First-party cookies are set directly by our Website or by subdomains of our Website. Third-party cookies are set by third-party websites not managed by us, such as our advertising or technology partners.

Cookies from external websites
Please note that, when you follow a link from our Websites that takes you to a website on a different domain that is not, we may not be able to control the cookies that are placed by that third-party website.



We use cookies for the following purposes:

 – Recording whether you decline or accept non-essential cookies
 – Improving your browsing experience
 – Reducing automated bot traffic that may impair Website performance
 – Producing statistics on traffic to our Websites
 – Tracking activities of unique visitors on our Websites so that we can show you advertisements that are relevant to your interests; build a profile of you and your company for marketing purposes, in cases where we can link your activity to your identity; and generate audience insights



We use the following cookies on our public website at


Cookie Name Domain Purpose Expiration Essential? Provider
__hs_initial_opt_in zz Preventing the cookie banner from continually displaying if your browser tracking controls are set to strict mode 7 days Yes HubSpot
__hs_opt_out Recording your selection on the cookie banner to accept or decline non-essential cookies 6 months Yes HubSpot
__hssc Tracking your visits by incrementing session numbers and timestamps in the __hstc cookie 30 minutes No HubSpot
__hssrc Checking whether the visit is a new browser session End of session No HubSpot
__hstc Tracking number and timestamps of your visits to the Website 6 months No HubSpot
hubspotutk Uniquely identifying your device 6 months No HubSpot
ln_or Determining whether Oribi analytics can be carried out 1 day No LinkedIn
__cf_bm Detecting possible bot traffic that could impair Website performance 30 minutes Yes Cloudflare
lang Ensuring displays in the language selected by the user in their browser settings End of session No LinkedIn
AnalyticsSyncHistory Storing information about the time a sync took place with the lms_analytics cookie 30 days No LinkedIn
UserMatchHistory Tracking visitors by syncing with LinkedIn Ads ID in order to show more relevant ads 30 days No LinkedIn
bcookie Uniquely identifying devices accessing LinkedIn in order to detect abuse 1 year No LinkedIn
lang Ensuring displays in the language selected by the user in their browser settings End of session No LinkedIn
li_gc Storing consent of visitors regarding use of cookies for non-essential purposes 6 months No LinkedIn
lidc Facilitating data center selection 24 hours No LinkedIn
bscookie Remembering that a logged-in user is verified by two-factor authentication 1 year No LinkedIn



We use the following cookies on our customer documentation web portal:


Cookie Name Domain Purpose Expiration Essential? Provider
__cf_bm Detecting possible bot traffic that could impair Website performance 30 minutes Yes Cloudflare
__cfruid Rate limiting of incoming traffic End of session Yes Cloudflare
gatsby-gdpr-google-tagmanager Recording your selection on the cookie banner 6 months Yes E6
_ga Distinguish unique visitors to the Website for statistical purposes 1 year and 5 weeks No Google
_ga_01JFD9WW4Q   1 year and 5 weeks No Google




For our Websites, you can set your preferences to decline non-essential cookies by selecting the appropriate option on the cookie banners. You may also update your cookie preferences on this Website at any time by using our cookie preferences management tool.

You can also delete cookies from your device using your browser, or adjust privacy settings on your browser to block cookies and tracking.

How to delete cookies and how to adjust your privacy settings vary depending on your device and your browser. Please see the following links for more information on how to manage your privacy using the features of some of the most popular browsers:

 – Google Chrome
 – Apple Safari
 – Microsoft Edge
 – Mozilla Firefox
 – Opera

If you block and remove cookies on your browser to the greatest possible extent, some aspects of the Websites may not work exactly as intended.

A good description of what cookies do, and how to control them, is available at


To opt out of Google Analytics everywhere, you can use this web browser extension developed by Google. This is intended to work for all websites that use Google Analytics, including our customer documentation web portal.

You can use the free YourAdChoices tools to opt out of advertising from participating companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also use tools like the Privacy Badger browser extension to block third-party tracking.

Please note that E6 does not maintain these tools or warrant their security and effectiveness. You should always verify the suitability of applications and extensions before installing them on your device.


If you have questions about this Cookie Policy, please contact us at:


Telephone:       +1 757 530 5294

Postal mail:       Episode Six, Inc.
201 West 5th St., Ste. 1100
Austin, TX 78701

If you would like to exercise your rights regarding your personal information, please see the What are my rights regarding my personal information? section of our Privacy Policy.