We're making the impossible, possible


It’s time to stop letting decades old technology hold back 21st century opportunity. E6 offers a solution flexible enough to power industry-leading payments solutions for companies from Top 50 global banks to fintechs. Join the E6 team and build the next generation of paytech with our fintech careers.

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A culture that’s motivated to be more



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We focus on the future with a sense of optimism and a passion for what is possible, and we're committed to leading the way


People first

We recognize our people are our most valuable resource, and we put their personal needs and professional goals at the forefront.

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We take great pride in everything we do, no matter how big or small. We work hard, we work smart, and we sweat the details.



We recognize the vital role stakeholders, team members, and others play in E6 culture, and we value their ideas and beliefs.

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We value the importance of knowledge and expertise and strive to surround ourselves with thought leaders who will challenge us to be the best.



We recognize that today's expectations, limitations, and requirements can fade away tomorrow, so we emphasize flexibility in our thinking and design.

Where is E6?

We're headquartered in Austin, TX, but E6 is everywhere - just like our platform. Our global workforce is based in 35+ countries worldwide, so we can hire the best people no matter where they live. We are also intentional in our hires within local markets, so we can support our customers effectively. Our global workforce follows the sun, allowing us to deliver for our customers 24/7.

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