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Are you ready for the next generation of the consumer credit card market? As alternatives like debit cards and BNPL gain traction, you can’t settle for the status quo. You need to offer the personalized, secure, and real-time credit card products customers demand—and modern technology to make it possible. 

The E6 TRITIUM® platform empowers your bank to build credit products that retain your existing customers, grow your market share, and reward your loyal cardholders. 


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Captivate tomorrow’s credit cardholders 


Today’s customers want more from their credit cards. Now you can deliver the feature-rich products they demand. E6 makes it simple to design the perfect card for any customer, no matter the use case. Whether you want to offer flexible credit card rewards programs, support BNPL on credit card purchases, or help unreached customers build credit with a secured credit card offering, E6 can make it possible with our hyper-configurable platform. Natively design and launch any card feature you want—no change requests required. 


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Ignite customer retention 


Elevate your customers' credit experience. Configure the revolving credit product your customers want when they want it, every time. With TRITIUM, you have the tools to create dynamic credit products in record time and stay ahead of the market with a platform that's built to change.




Credit program management at your fingertips 


Control every part of your credit card issuer program, all in real time. Whether you want to rework your repayment hierarchy, reverse a payment, or adjust a customer’s balances, the E6 platform lets you complete complex operations securely and reliably—and in a matter of minutes. Equip your customer service team to manage everything from repayments to account balances with our intuitive Dashboard UI portal, and build reactive experiences using our dynamic APIs, notifications, and reports. 


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Total control of the customer lifecycle 


Leave complex patchworks of integrations in the past and run your consumer credit card product through an all-in-one solution. Only E6 provides a cloud-based, highly configurable platform that lets you seamlessly manage the entire customer lifecycle, from account opening to card issuance to repayment. With flexible cloud architecture, you're empowered to cut operational expenses and drive lower acquisition costs, higher activation, and higher card usage. 


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Build something your customers will love.

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