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Flexible revolving
credit solutions


Customers want more from their credit products: more options, more flexibility, more freedom. Now you can give them all this and more. E6’s revolving credit solution empowers you to design innovative credit products and get them to market in record time.  


Whether you want to enable consumer credit cards, corporate expense management, or anything in between, you can make it possible with E6 TRITIUM®. Deliver compelling, digital-first line of credit experiences on our scalable and configurable real-time ledger.  


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End-to-end customer
credit management


Gain complete control of the credit customer account lifecycle. Define each customer’s billing date, minimum payments, and interest rates by credit draw type—all in the TRITIUM platform.  


Say goodbye to time-consuming manual calculations and generate accurate account information on demand. TRITIUM provides instant access to up-to-date credit customer data, from sub-balances to repayment behavior to line of credit loans summaries. 


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Ready-to-use consumer
credit solutions


Want to win today’s customers? You can’t settle for cookie-cutter solutions. You need to offer products that speak to the rising demand for personalized and secure payments experiences. The cloud-based E6 platform makes it simple to develop the ideal personal line of credit offering. 


Virtual card cards. Rewards programs. BNPL credit cards. Secured credit. Whatever your use case, E6 provides the capabilities to quickly configure and launch your revolving credit product with our API-enabled technology. 


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Tailored business
credit solutions


Design the perfect expense management solution for any business. Keep up with the pace of corporate spending with dynamic credit commercial card programs and business line of credit solutions.  


The E6 revolving credit solution can power any complex business use case. Easily structure customer relationships to align with your corporate hierarchy, and manage spending with controls implemented at the portfolio, customer, or card level.  

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Take the headache out of building a market-leading revolving credit product. With E6, you can comply with complex regulatory requirements in a few clicks. E6 gives you complete control of the repayment hierarchy, letting you easily control how a customer’s balances are paid off.  


Automatic repayments, instant adjustments, payment reversals, billing data, and more: E6 offers everything you need to build and monitor a product that delights customers and grows market share.  


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