Modern card issuing


The market is changing fast, and banks like yours can’t keep relying on the same legacy card issuing platforms. It’s time to leave slow and unreliable tech in the past. Modern card issuing with E6 TRITIUM® empowers you to build the perfect card for any segment, on your schedule. No complex integrations, no tedious change requests—just configurable card products. 


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Rapidly build and launch
any card use case


Launching a card product has never been this easy. Our real-time APIs and user-friendly dashboard enable you and your team to effortlessly configure, launch, and manage any type of card program. Whether you want to reach customers with physical cards or digitize your program with virtual cards, you can build and manage your product in real time.  


Credit, debit, prepaid cards, and everything in between—they’re all in reach with E6. Give your card program the upgrade it deserves. 





Multiple cardholders
and cards per account 


Say goodbye to inflexible account structures. Support the features your business needs, like complex account hierarchies, multiple cardholders per card, or multiple cards per account—and make it look easy with a modern card issuing platform. Configure card and account relationships exactly how your customers want and deliver truly exceptional experiences.  

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Implement controls at any level 

Go to market with a product that’s perfectly tailored to your use case. Determine exactly when, where, and how each card can be used by setting controls at any level—program, account, or card. With real-time customer and card data delivered via APIs and reports, you can make adjustments on the fly and stay ahead of the market. Manage card spend and disbursements with efficiency in a cloud-based environment.  


Power segmentation with a personalized touch 


Delight your customers with card programs tailored to their exact needs. Segment your programs by easily personalizing customer rates, limits, rewards, repayment methods, and fees on top of your base offering. Our modern card issuing solution makes it simple to manage your whole customer base, down to the last detail. 

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