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Transform your
customers' digital


Market-ready deposit, credit, and installments products—all within reach. E6 provides powerful open-ended ledger management with preconfigured financial products, so you can offer the digital-first experiences your customers expect.



Launch products in record time with flexible account structures


Give your customers the payments products they want. Mix and match your payments products with E6 add ons such as loyalty and rewards, plus support for any currency.




Give your customers the bells and whistles they want


Don’t get bogged down with tech constraints, focus on the goal for your customers. The E6 ledger delivers future-ready solutions to help your organization reach its goals. We handle the details, like interest accrual, repayment processing, and amortization schedules—so you can focus on growing your business.





Deposit products for customer needs


Offer debit, prepaid, and multi-currency products for customers no matter where they are or what currency they use. E6’s ledger management lets you launch any deposit program you need.



Change the credit game


Launch a hyper-configurable credit card that responds to customer needs in real time. E6 ledger management makes interest accrual, account management, and repayment processing easy.


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BNPL, loans, and more


Your customers want to buy now and pay later. Now they can. E6 automatically splits payments into installments, calculates loan schedules, and handles repayment processing.



Drive revenue by building amazing custom programs


Customer segmentation and monetization made simple. E6 supports a vast library of value adds, including rewards, loyalty, and fees.


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