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Welcome your ledger to the 21st century


Structure your accounts the way you want. The E6 dashboard gives you the ultimate flexibility in account options, including rewards, fees, and pricing.


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Give your customers the
perks they want


Help your clients make a secure, intelligent, and quick choice that is perfectly suited to their needs. With E6 you can tailor a full suite of digital payment experiences, fast and easy, including benefits, offers, and loyalty solutions.




Boost your profitability


Increase your revenue with adjustable fee options.
With E6, fees are made easy with our fee plan solution.
Boosting your bottom line is easier when you target the
right customers at the right time.




Maintain market share and your bottom line


Find the perfect balance to capture price-sensitive consumers, while maximizing revenue. TRITIUM® makes it easy to adjust your pricing and adapt your product to find the sweet spot for your product and digital payment offerings.


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Create a payments ecosystem


Account-to-account payments offer a direct and instant transfer of funds, eliminating unnecessary steps. Bring your payments vision to life with our hyper-adaptable ledger.


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