Empower SME customers with B2B installments


SMEs need better access to working capital, and traditional one-size-fits-all loans just won’t cut it anymore. There’s growing innovation in the SME lending space, and commercial banks relying on legacy technology simply can’t keep up.  

Business Now, Pay Later™ is E6’s business installment loans solution that’s purpose-built for commercial banks. Give your SME customers exactly what they’re looking for by offering configurable loans at any point in the purchasing journey—all in your existing banking channel. 


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Small business loans have never been easier  


Say goodbye to tedious paper loan applications. Instead, simplify cash flow management with a business Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) model. Empower your customers to instantly secure the working capital they need at the click of a button. Business Now, Pay Later lets SMEs split purchases into B2B installments at any time, including pre-, during, and post-purchase.  


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Give SMEs the flexibility they need 


No two businesses are the same. Their business installment loans shouldn’t be, either. With the flexibility of the E6 platform, you can configure each loan based on customer risk profiles and cash flow projections. It’s easy to offer versatile repayment terms for each installment plan, including split, deferred, and interest-bearing loans. Our dynamic APIs let you manage your product and segmentation in real time, so you maintain total control over your solution. 


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A turnkey solution for B2B installments


Develop your business without disrupting your technology stack. E6’s APIs let you seamlessly integrate Business Now, Pay Later into your existing infrastructure, so you can deliver intuitive B2B BNPL experiences to your SME customers. No matter whether the transaction was made over ACH, wire, RTP, or card, turning it into a short-term business loan is as simple as adding a button to your online banking platform. 



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Support your customers, grow your business


Grow your balance sheet and revenue with business installment loans. Business Now, Pay Later equips you to build meet your customers’ unique financing needs, leverage your bank’s unique expertise, and offer a convenient SME borrowing solution. Let E6 provide the capabilities you need to succeed, so you can focus on supporting relationships and building trust with your new and existing business customers.  

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Build something your customers will love.

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