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Modern payments
move at the
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E6 delivers dynamic payment processing for the 21st century with our cloud-based processing for banks. Cooperative authorization connects E6 to your system so you can let E6 APIs handle the back end of payments for you.


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Take the guesswork out of
payments processing


E6’s cloud-based processing for banks keeps balances synchronized and
eliminates the need for shadow ledgering by working alongside your system
to authorize, clear, or reverse payments. E6 also enables secure payments
when your customers want them: cooperative authorization allows us to fund
your customer accounts from an external ledger in real time.


Enjoy a modern platform
without the work


Get the benefits of updating your tech stack, without the hassles.
With E6’s cooperative authorization capability, you don’t have
to worry about PCI compliance or undergoing costly and
time-consuming modernization efforts. We’ve got you covered.


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