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Don’t wait for someone else to shake things up. With TRITIUM®, you can leverage digital technology to disrupt an established market. Quickly configure and launch a new way to solve a classic payments challenge and build the next big thing in payments.  


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Hyper adaptable platform


Launch innovative products quickly to stay ahead of the dynamic fintech market. TRITIUM offers customers a flexible issuing solution with a high degree of configurability for different product types and use cases. TRITIUM is equipped with a robust API library that helps to develop, customize, and launch tailored payments products and services to your customers. 




Move at the speed of a fintech 


With TRITIUM, E6 has the flexibility to move quickly, so whether you're an agile fintech or just want to move like an agile fintech, E6 can keep pace.  

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E6 Customer story

First-in-market virtual
and tokenized gift card


Karta needed to launch two custom digital rewards programs that enabled customers to send digital gift cards globally and easily manage their accounts in-app. E6’s TRITIUM platform and flexible customer hierarchy helped Karta create a single unified account for customers to link across multiple gift cards and tokenizable rewards.


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