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Put the power of TRITIUM® to work for you, and quickly configure and launch a product your customers will love. Our modern payment platform and technology will simplify your paytech stack and help you lower costs, while offering a configurable foundation to build any payment product you want to take to market.


require "episode6"
E6.api_key = "..."

:amount => 2000,
:currency => "eur",
:source => "tok_mastercard", # obtained with E6.js
:description => "Charge for"

import e6
E6.api_key = "..."

  source="tok_amex", # obtained with E6.js
description="Charge for"
var e6 = require("episode6")(

  amount: 2000,
  currency: "eur",
  source: "tok_visa", // obtained with Episode6.js
description: "Charge for"
}, function(err, charge) {
  // asynchronously called
e6.Key = "..."

chargeParams := &e6.ChargeParams{
  Amount: 2000,
  Currency: "eur",
  Desc: "Charge for",

// obtained with E6.js
ch, err := charge.New(chargeParams)
















What makes TRITIUM® different?

Stay ahead of the market with a platform that’s built to change. The TRITIUM payment platform offers an unmatched combination of flexibility, performance, and resiliency, so you can get to market quickly, and make program updates instantly.



Launch quick and adapt even quicker

Get to market quickly with the product you want and adapt to shifts in consumer preferences and technology demands.



Build a global-ready solution

Support global currencies, languages, and regulatory requirements across countries and regions as you expand your business globally.


Tritium platform

Truly superior
payment technology

tritium - single code base

Single code base


The foundation of our flexibility. Every use case starts with our easy to configure, hyper-flexible base ledger. Build your product on a powerful foundation supported by ongoing enhancements and features.


IONIC® framework

The key to our configurability. Enjoy unparalleled ability to add new features, localize your product, or adapt to new regulations quickly with little to no disruption to your service with our payment processing software.

tritium - ionic plug-ins

IONIC® plugins

The power behind the possibility. Add, override, or extend existing behaviors with simple plugins, so you launch with exactly what you want and can quickly adapt in the future.

tritium - cloud platform

Cloud platform


The building block of our performance. TRITIUM® is a cloud-based and robust API solution that offers tailored payment products with scalability, resiliency, and security.


See real-time insights


Move your business forward and keep pace with constantly changing consumer and market trends. Our proprietary data and reporting technology provide instant access to your data. 


Scale up to meet any challenge


Add products, capabilities, and capacity to meet your needs and maintain your market-leading position.


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