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Make the most of your data


Keep pace with constantly changing consumer and market trends. E6 provides secure, real-time access to your payment data. Use events, webhooks, and even batch files to integrate into our system, and get the information you need to inform your data analysis, insights, and business intelligence efforts.


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Drive dynamic product changes

Our platform allows you to leverage payment data and insights to uncover valuable opportunities, personalize offerings, and deliver exceptional experiences that keep your customers returning for more.


Develop real-time insights

TRITIUM® makes it easy to bring together real-time data and machine learning to develop more engaging customer experiences. Use real-time data to make real-time decisions, so you can deliver exactly what the market is looking for. 


Real-time integration with your other systems

You need a partner who can keep up with your system. TRITIUM is built to be flexible and agile, so we’ll never be the system slowing down your end-to-end process. Plus, we can provide data directly to the system or to an event orchestrator.

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