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Build the next big thing in payments with a platform flexible enough to create just about anything. Take control and manage at the product, customer, or card level. TRITIUM® offers the flexibility, agility, resilience, and control to go to market with the exact product you want.


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Set and manage controls at any level


Whether you’re looking to disable P2P transfers, set top-up limits, or disable a card from online purchases, TRITIUM enables a wide range of controls at multiple levels.


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Merchant controls

Block or allow specific merchants for a program by identifiers, geographical location, or merchant category code (MCC).

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Product controls

Create and define controls for all customers assigned to a product and easily move customers between programs.


Customer controls

Create and manage controls at the customer level, including time-bound enforcement, which modifies spending rules during a specific window of time.

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Card controls

Set and manage controls associated with any issued card to enable or disable card features, such as disabling online purchases, blocking ATM usage, or limiting P2P transfers.

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