Does E6 offer SaaS solutions?
E6 customers license our software and install it in their data centers or clouds.
How is E6 different from other payments companies?
The E6 platform allows businesses to create their own payments products. Our platform is portable, light, highly customizable, and future-proofed.
This software sounds complicated, will it take a lot of effort to integrate with my existing systems?
Not at all. Depending on the level and types of integrations, installation is very straightforward. E6 engineers are available to help you with every step of the process.
Does your software support global currencies and languages?
Our software is designed to be used by customers worldwide, supporting global currencies, languages, and regulatory requirements across countries and regions. Its highly flexible design caters to local and global needs.
I’m worried about security and compliance, what guidelines do you follow?
Our software was designed using the most sophisticated security architecture, following the highest industry standards (PCI PA-DSS) and best practices. We regularly monitor trends and review our practices to ensure maximum security, full compliance and complete peace of mind.
Do you offer support?
Yes, we offer 24x7 customer service support.
What are my pricing options?
Contact us, we would love to discuss!