The future of payment technology. Available today.

A digital payment technology platform built to change.

The payments market is rapidly changing. You don’t need a payment processing partner stuck in the past or fixated on molding the future. You need a partner that will keep you at the forefront of digital payment technology today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Our proprietary, cloud-based platform offers a flexible and highly configurable solution to help you develop, customize, and launch tailored payment products and services. It’s time to remove the limitations of legacy technology and drive the future of payments.

Highly Resilient

Build your product with our globally-distributed payment technology, and reduce the chance of outages and attacks impacting your business.

Endlessly Scalable

Add products, capabilities, and capacity to meet your needs to maintain your market-leading position.

Hyper Configurable

Get to market quickly with the product you want and adapt as consumer preferences and technology demands shift.

Globally Compatible

Support global currencies, languages, and regulatory requirements across countries and regions as you expand your business globally

Truly superior payment technology

TRITIUM® Platform

Tritium is the first payment processing solution that can adapt faster than the market’s speed of change.

IONIC™ plugins

The power behind the possibility. Add, override, or extend existing behaviors with simple plugins provided with the Tritium platform, so you launch with exactly what you want and can adapt in the future.

IONIC™ framework

The key to our configurability. Enjoy the unparalleled ability, whether using our E6Cloud or client-hosted solutions, to add new features, localize your product, or adapt to new regulations quickly with little to no disruption to your service.

Single code base

The foundation of our flexibility. Every use case starts with our simple, flexible base code. Build your product on a powerful, API-based foundation supported by ongoing enhancements and features.

Better insights for
smarter enhancements.

Our proprietary data and reporting technology provide instant access to your data. The result is more informed business decisions to help move your business forward.

Build the future of your business on a solid foundation.