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Episode Six offers software solutions that transform the entire payment management landscape. Our Close-to-Self-Service Tritium Payment Management System can be used to either displace your existing limiting service infrastructure or enhance your overall payment strategy. We give you control over your payment products. After all, shouldn’t you be in charge?

Our advanced technology provides access to new revenue and retention resources. Loyalty points, rewards, digital currencies and tenderable currencies can now all be part of your product offerings, satisfying your customers’ changing needs and enhancing overall usage and engagement. You should not be limited by your service providers.

We offer much more than software.  Episode Six Professional Services provides access to unlimited expertise and experience related to payment program design and payment company management and operations.  Whether you need help building a best-in-class payment program or guidance in driving your payment company towards sustainable and profitable growth, our industry experts are always only a phone call away.

With Episode Six on your side, yesterday’s constraints are truly eliminated to make way for tomorrow’s opportunities.


Prepaid Multi-Currency Concept
Bank Debit Multi-Currency Concept
Ubiquitous, Cross-Channel Prepaid Payment Card Loading Network
World’s Largest Prepaid Payment Sales & Distribution Network
Retail Open-loop J-Hook Product

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Introducing Tritium — Tear down constraints of today’s payment management systems.

The Tritium Payment Management System is the world’s most advanced cloud-based payment platform software solution. With Tritium, you are in control. You can now offer your customers payment products on your own terms. Your design. Your features and functionalities. Your timeline. You are no longer constrained by the limitations of your payment management service infrastructure. Your customers demand the best.  Now with Tritium you will be able to provide it.  

Supercharge your existing payment programs with simple integration.

Tritium sits within your existing payment management service infrastructure. No complex wholesale changes. No lengthy integrations. Our simple deployment allows you to simply and quickly upgrade to the most advanced payment platform needed for tomorrow’s solutions today.

Additional Features


With Tritium’s electronic Points Interchange Control (ePIC), conversion can take place seamlessly between loyalty points, digital currencies and tenderable currencies, adding countless payment options to your customers.

Cloud-Based PAAS or Self-Hosted

You choose.  You can license and host Tritium at your preferred location, or you can subscribe to our cloud-based PaaS offering.

Multiple eWallets for Multiple Needs

Whether you are offering multiple currency ewallets or a single loyalty point ewallet, Tritium offers all the flexibility you need.  

Tritium Program Interface Console

Program parameters are set by you. Card services control is at your fingertips with Tritium’s user oriented interface. 

Go International

With Tritium you aren’t limited by language or local regulatory requirements.  Tritium is fully international and can be localized as required.

Supported 24/7

Close-to-Self-Service doesn’t mean that you are on your own.  Tritium support is available 24/7 and, with Episode Six Professional Services, broader help is just a phone call away.

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