What is
Episode Six?

Episode Six transforms how financial institutions, fintechs and other innovative companies design, issue and manage financial and payments products, far beyond the limitations of today's payments and core banking technology.
Our next-generation financial technology platform is custom-built from scratch using advanced, patent-pending technology.

It can be used for a broad range of products for consumers and businesses, offering unparalleled product customization and on-demand product management capabilities. It is portable and compatible for use anywhere in the world with easy installation, integration and connection facilitated by an extensive and comprehensive set of over 500 APIs.

Using our technology, companies of all sizes can effortlessly offer new, advanced, customer-centric products and services based on customers' needs rather than legacy technology constraints.
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Why Use
Episode Six?

Episode Six’s software technology platform provides fast and seamless access to revenue-generating financial and payments products and services that address customers’ needs. By leveraging Episode Six’s technology, businesses no longer have to offer 'me-too' products.


Episode Six provides the most extensive and relevant selection of features and functionalities, all via 500+ API, giving you maximum flexibility to design and customize products for your customers' unique needs.


Episode Six's platform drastically cuts implementation time without cutting corners. No waiting on third parties. Put your products in market on your schedules.


With real time access to product data, you can evaluate all aspects of your product as soon as it is in market. Our platform control interface allows you to manage and enhance your product on-demand, anywhere, any time.


With Episode Six's future-proofed technology, innovation will never stop. Our adaptable, patent pending technology allows for continual enhancements. The world is changing, your technology should allow you to change with it.


Episode Six’s software platform can be used anywhere in the world. It supports different languages, currencies, and regulatory and compliance requirements across countries and regions. It is the perfect solution to meet any onshore requirements.


Using Episode Six's platform, you can put into market quickly products that your customers want and need, driving customer loyalty, additional revenues, operational efficiencies and long term value creation.

From Fintechs to the World's Largest Financial Institutions, Episode Six Provides the Technology of Choice