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TOKYO – Next generation payments software technology provider, Episode Six, today announced it is opening an office in Tokyo to meet the growing demand for fintech solutions in Japan and the Asian region. In addition, payments and finance industry veteran Oko Okamoto has joined Episode Six to oversee the new Tokyo office as general manager of Episode Six Japan. Read the full announcement here.

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The EU Revised Payment Services Directive, or PSD2, came into effect January 2018. While this expansive regulation includes numerous updates, the requirement for financial institutions to participate in an open banking system is arguably the most disruptive. PaymentsJournal

Based on the results so far, Episode Six‘s next-generation software for companies issuing payment products is a hit, CEO John Mitchell said. Featuring future-proof technology, Episode Six allows banks, financial providers, and retailers to build highly customizable payments platforms that let them decide exactly what eWallet, loyalty and reward programs, and other payment options to offer their customers. Read the full story in Bankless Times.


In Q4 2017, I touched on three data-backed reasons why Asia is the perfect incubator for fintech innovation. The region has leapfrogged legacy payment methods, China’s government endorsed the Social Credit System (SCS) – which translates into the greater potential to open the fintech market beginning in 2020 – and simply put, consumers in Asia are much less worried about online security when compared to consumers in America. Read More