Blazing the trail for payment innovators since 2015.

Who we are.

Episode Six provides a next-generation technology for creating truly innovative financial and payments products for consumers and businesses.

Our proprietary system was built from scratch using advanced, patent-pending technology—and offers unparalleled product configurability, accelerated speed to market, and on-demand product management.

We provide a clean canvas for financial institutions, fintechs and other businesses to create new digital payment journeys that are not beholden to legacy systems or third parties to implement. Licensing our software provides total access to product capabilities that can be configured and customized in any conceivable way through 550+ APIs.

Our platform was developed on a single code base and is extensible and compatible for use anywhere in the world—with easy installation and integration. We are not an app, card, or service. We’re the backend infrastructure that powers new, hyper-connected, digital payment experiences, for consumers and businesses alike. We help payment innovators, innovate.

How we came to be.

As our culture of on-demand digital products and services really began to take hold in 2015, co-founders John, Chermaine and Futeh saw the limitations of legacy payment systems and wanted to build something that could keep pace with the new expectations of businesses and consumers alike.

All were longtime veterans of the fintech and payments industry with the expertise and wherewithal to develop a platform that could enable better, more connected payment experiences.

Episode Six was born with help from venture funding and major investments by HSBC, SBI Investment Co. and Mastercard. We currently operate in Austin, TX, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Where we’ve been.

Led by passionate pioneers of fintech.

John Mitchell

John Mitchell

CEO & Co-Founder

John brings decades of fintech and payments expertise in leading and growing companies and startups.

Prior to E6, John was the CEO of Rêv Worldwide, as well as the primary architect and strategist of Netspend Corporation’s early sales and distribution strategy.

Futeh Kao

Futeh Kao

CTO & Co-Founder

Futeh is responsible for Episode Six’s technology vision and strategy and is chief architect of the platform technology.

Prior to E6, Futeh was the CTO of Rêv Worldwide. He also led NetSpend Corporation’s IT software development effort.

Chermaine Hu

Chermaine Hu

CFO & Co-Founder

Chermaine is responsible for global finance and accounting functions, as well M&A and investor activities.

Prior to E6, Chermaine was the CFO of Rêv Worldwide. Previously an M&A banker at Morgan Stanley in both London and New York.

Daryn Griggs

Managing Director of

Daryn is responsible for managing and growing E6’s business across the AP region. He has over twenty years of payments experience. Prior to E6, Daryn held a senior role at Rêv Worldwide as well as having worked in regional roles with Visa Inc. based in Singapore.

Ian Kerr

Ian Kerr

Regional Director of EMEA

Ian is responsible for managing and growing E6’s business across the EMEA region. He has deep experience in banking technology having spent decades working in leadership positions across these industries.

Hou Loong Sam

Hou Loong Sam

General Manager, Japan

Loong is responsible for managing and growing E6’s business in the Japan market. He has extensive experience working in Japan on fintech, innovation and transformation holding a number of senior leadership roles.

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