We’ve invented a better way to power payments.

E6 works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Our patent-pending technology readily integrates with both legacy and new payment systems, processors, and service provider infrastructure—to meet the service demands that today’s businesses and consumers expect.

Portable Design

You can integrate E6 within an existing technology stack or use it as a standalone solution. Host it in a data center or in the cloud—whatever works best for your business.

Scalable Architecture

Add products and programs as needed with our multi-tenant architecture. You also get unprecedented scalability to handle growing capacity as your business flourishes.

Extreme Extensibility

Our incredibly flexible infrastructure was designed to allow the addition of almost any new capability or functionality—even ones we haven’t thought of yet.

Global Compatibility

We support global currencies, languages, and regulatory requirements across countries and regions—so it’s never been easier to take your business global.

The E6 technology ecosystem.

TRITIUM® Platform

E6’s portable, extensible, platform featuring 550+ APIs with a single code base that can be used to create and customize almost any imaginable consumer or commercial product use case.

IONIC Technology

Bind your own code and behavior requirements to our platform for unprecedented flexibility and customization.
Ionic Technology

C4 Data Access

Our NoSQL DB system transforms data and reporting capabilities with instant insights into your products and easy integration into backend BI, CRM and reporting tools.
C4 Data Access

VERTICES Structuring

Our industry first many-to-many account structuring system that allows you to stack, build and manage digital accounts in any configuration.
VERTICES Structuring

One code base.
550+ APIs.
Infinite possibilities.

You get maximum design flexibility and configurability in creating customer-centric products via a growing set of over 550+ APIs.

All platform capabilities can be accessed through our extensive set of 550+ readily consumable, RESTful APIs​

Allows for full customization of any products in a simple and intuitive way ​

Centrally manage all your products, anytime, anywhere in the world​

Our comprehensive online API Reference enables developers to onboard quickly

Real insights to make smarter enhancements.

C4 is our proprietary data and reporting technology that offers instant access to your data so you can actually use it in a meaningful way.

Solves all your reporting, data science, BI and compliance needs​

Integrates easily into backend BI, CRM and reporting tools​

Eliminates the need to leverage transaction database, which preserves transactional integrity, ACID properties, and performance​

See how E6 can help you make something great.