Our radically extensible platform accelerates digital transformation.

Develop digital journeys that customers want.

With E6, you’re no longer constrained by legacy technology and are free to innovate for customers—driving loyalty, revenues, efficiencies, and long-term value along the way.

Create Unique Products

We provide the industry's most extensive set of features and functionalities via 550+ APIs. This gives you maximum flexibility to design and customize products for the unique needs of your customers.

Get to Market Faster

The E6 platform drastically cuts implementation time without cutting corners. No more waiting on third parties—you can put your products into market on your schedule.

Make Smart Enhancements

With real-time access to all data, you’ll have the ability to effectively manage your analytics, as well as support for additional capabilities such as AI.

Expand Globally, Instantly

Our platform can be used anywhere in the world and supports different languages, currencies, and compliance requirements across countries and regions.

How the E6 platform works.


Structure Accounts

Your product or service is powered by TRITIUM, our unique platform built on a dual entry digital ledger system and 550+ customizable APIs.


Define Relationships

Connect accounts together, many to-many, in any conceivable way with our VERTICES structuring capability.


Establish Rules

Set value exchanges, velocity checks, controls, and configure fees to drive desired customer behaviors.


Process Transactions

The platform integrates with all major payment network rails and can process all transaction types, e.g., purchase, ATM, P2P, ISO 8583, ISO 20022, etc.


Convert Value

Real-time authenticated value conversion of spending with any currency—crypto, loyalty points, etc.


Enhance Products

Leverage customer data to glean insights and make product improvements with C4, our proprietary data and reporting technology.

Bring almost any imaginable use case to life.

Virtual Payments

Digital Wallet

Expense Management​


Digital Banking Services​

On-Demand Services​

Universal Redemption​

Transfer Of Value

This digital wallet enables P2P money transfer as well as online/offline P2M purchases.

Key Features

  • P2P and P2M account structures
  • Multi-channel add or withdraw funds
  • Refund handling
  • Reporting
  • Account Management
  • Rewards

Digital wallets supporting 15 different currencies, including non-settlement CCY.

Key Features

  • Loyalty points wallet that lets customers earn on select transactions
  • Instant points  authorization and conversion for purchase
  • Multi-channel add or withdraw money
  • Card functionalities: block/unblock, virtual cardDigital Wallet

This company allocates and manages budgets for multiple corporate accounts with physical and virtual credit cards.

Key Features

  • Online account opening in under 15 minutes
  • International multi-currency transfers, cash top-ups, direct A2A and FPS transfers
  • Earn rewards on select transactions
  • Just-in-time payments (quantitative authorization)
  • Support payments and disbursements from ecommerce platforms: Stripe, PayPal, Amazon, etc.

This fintech now offers physical and virtual prepaid corporate cards to multiple accounts/employees linked to one card.

Key Features

  • Online account opening in under 15 minutes
  • Spend controls and fees based on budgets and employee categories
  • Real time budget/spending balance
  • White labeled prepaid card support
  • Just-in-time payments (quantitative authorization)
  • Merchant control

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