The word on Episode Six.

Episode Six bags $30 million in fresh capital

Episode Six, the Texan fintech which provides a digital API platform for payments, has secured an additional $30 million of investment, bringing its total capital raised to $40 million.

Lai see, taxis and the future of cash

AS THE Chinese New Year (CNY) approaches, Hong Kong residents join patient queues at bank branches across the city. In accordance with time-honoured tradition, they are seeking fresh, crisp and newly-printed banknotes to give as lai see in red envelopes, bringing the recipient good fortune…

Episode Six CEO, John Mitchell: Banking as a service enables the sector to adapt

As the importance of being able to adapt continues to grow, John Mitchell, CEO of Episode Six, spoke to PaymentExpert about the growing role of Banking as a Service in Europe, as well as why open banking could be key.  

US Payments: Smart Pension, Episode Six, PAAY and Paya in View from the Top

This December, The Fintech Times is asking industry leaders for their ‘View from the Top’ to gain an insight into the decisions behind the last 12-months. Today, we’re looking at the issue of US Payments, hearing from Jodan Ledford, John Mitchell, Yitz Mendlowitz and Andrea Kando on their 2020 thoughts, plus…

Starling provides “road map” for future in-app integrations

John Mitchell, CEO of Episode Six, said the partnership will create opportunities for other financial institutions to follow. “Companies need to adapt and provide new technology to better reach and serve customer bases, whether consumers or businesses.

The Fintech Review: 2020

We explore why investors are showing a keen interest in “embedded finance-focused” start-ups, and evaluate the progress being made by various government bodies across the globe that are advancing their implementation of central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

Bitcoin交易只准專業投資者參與 政府引發牌制度規管虛擬資產 諮詢期3個月

新一代支付軟體技術提供商Episode Six創辦人及行政總裁John Mitchell認為,證監會此舉可促進公平競爭的環境,「隨着虛擬資產變得越來越主流,不斷發展的監管方法對於確保市場秩序井然和對平台的信心至關重要。」

Hong Kong bans retail trading of digital currencies, requires crypto exchanges to be licensed in crackdown on fraud, money-laundering

The Hong Kong government is aiming to ban retail investors from trading in cryptocurrencies and force exchange operators to obtain licenses, in a move that promises to end an era of largely unregulated trading of digital assets, according to officials.

Episode Six: Benzinga Fintech 2020 Finalist

We’re excited to announce that Episode Six has been named a Benzinga Fintech Listmaker, recognized among 250 distinguished companies revolutionizing fintech. Join Benzinga on November 10 at the 2020 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards.

Fintech and Insuretech investors tighten purse strings

Forrester has reported on the global funding trends in FinTech and InsurTech startups, and it’s not getting any easier for these industries. On the FinTech side, during the third quarter funding “remained tepid”, said Forrester, and went disproportionately to a few sub-categories. It said about…

Nobody Wants An Online Bank (And Other Wisdom From Investing $100 Billion In Fintech)

What have VCs and fintech entrepreneurs learned after the last five years’ rounds of financing?

Episode Six: $7M series A round to fund continued global expansion

The Episode Six funding announcement was syndicated across multiple media outlets: Bloomberg, Fintech Insight, Morningstar, Digital Journal, Finextra, Fintech Finance, Fintech Singapore, Fintech News Hong Kong, Fintech Direct, The Paypers, Fintech Zoom, Austin Business Journal, Mobile Payments Today, Fortune Term Sheet, DLA Piper, Industry News,…