Breakthrough payment experiences for today’s on-demand world.

Episode Six enables financial institutions, fintechs, and other innovators to build new digital journeys that leverage real-time payment and value transfer—with any network, any system, any currency, anywhere in the world.

Powering experiences for:

Leapfrog technology limitations so you’re free to innovate.

Our platform accelerates the digital transformation of businesses by liberating them from the constraints of legacy technology—unlocking the power of creativity.

Infinitely Customizable

We offer a growing library of 550+ APIs and 100 plug-ins that allow you to introduce and customize almost any imaginable capability or product feature—simply and quickly.

Seamlessly Connected

Everything works together with our highly-tuned system that removes synchronization, concurrency, and IO blocks—to make transaction flow and accounting easy and complete.

Unbelievably Fast

Solutions are simple to implement and deploy—and can be used anywhere in the world. That means you can bring new products to market at lightning speed.

Unleash the power of “anything.”

You get full access to all platform components centered around our digital ledger system—making any product capability available to you. If you can imagine it, you can make it a reality for your customers.

Digital Wallets and Accounts

Complex, multi-level hierarchy that can process single or multiple currencies, reward/loyalty, crypto, corporate, parent child—you name it.

Transaction Processing

All major payment networks and domestic schemes, ISO20022, including all common transaction types.

Fee Attribution and Complex Interest Calculation

Flexible fee configurations, configurable fee plans assigned to customer tiers and/or per customer, and versatile FX conversion margin setting, and complex interest calculations.

Payment Issuance

One-time or multi-use digital issuance with virtual or physical cards. The highly configurable program settings and controls available at your fingertips..

Fraud and Compliance Controls

Real-time usage controls authorizing/blocking transactions based on preset rules, unlimited rule configuration, and event driven notifications.

Spend Conversion

Real-time in-authorization stream value unit conversion that also allows for seamless purchases and transfers across asset classes.

Customer Engagement

Full life cycle management and integration with other onboarding service providers. Easy customer account creation, updates, and management.

Data Insights

Our C4 database provides access to all data in the format you need for your reporting, compliance, and data science needs. Reporting and data analysis with built-in reconciliation and account management reports.

Future-proofed technology for endless possibilities.

Our platform was built from scratch using advanced technology that’s completely extensible—all built around one scalable, code base that can be configured any way you choose.


Advanced Technology

Our patent-pending technology is completely extensible and readily integrates with both legacy and new payment systems, networks, and service provider infrastructure—so you can get to market quickly and easily.

Online Developer Hub

Accessible and comprehensive user guides and API reference for your developers, along with access to the E6 team, to ensure optimal use of the platform.

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