Over the past decade, the banking industry has made great strides when it comes to providing customers with better digital experiences – thanks in part to the rise of innovations like cloud computing and APIs. Increased competition from startup fintechs has also motivated banks to offer a broader range of digital products and services. Read More

Real-time payments (RTPs) have long been a dream for consumers and the financial industry alike, but so far have yet to become ubiquitous. In the U.S., the legacy systems used to run banks – and the rails on which payments are moved – simply weren’t built to handle RTPs. Read More

In Q4 2017, I touched on three data-backed reasons why Asia is the perfect incubator for fintech innovation. The region has leapfrogged legacy payment methods, China’s government endorsed the Social Credit System (SCS) – which translates into the greater potential to open the fintech market beginning in 2020 – and simply put, consumers in Asia are much less worried about online security when compared to consumers in America. Read More