2021 Wrap-up: Q&A with CEO John Mitchell

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What are you most proud of from 2021? 

“After securing our Series B funding in February, we rapidly accelerated our growth in 3 areas: our global team, our client footprint, and the payments use cases supported across the globe. We’ve tripled our headcount and continue to drive traction by investing in our product, marketing and BD teams. We’ve marked a 3-year milestone with HSBC which showcases the power of fintechs and Tier I banks working together while entering new target sectors such DeFi. We expanded our client footprint to 4 continents and are engaged with clients to deliver new use cases such as converting and off-ramping crypto on e6Cloud. So, I’d say we have a lot to be proud of. If I had to pick one thing, it’s that we launched multiple clients on multiple continents simultaneously – which is a testament to our technology and operational efficiency.”

What do you consider the biggest industry or tech shift and how did it impact E6?

There was an increasing realization of the importance of infrastructure and its role in providing the foundation forinnovation. The attractive front ends of many fintechs that have gained so much attention often are built on, and constrained by, legacy infrastructure.  Another, the rapid growth of BNPL, was a big shift in terms of how consumers pay. E6 is addressing this shift head-on with our installment wallet, giving issuers the tech, tools, and control to take back the transactions that they are losing to BNPL players. The paradigm is changing.

What caught you by surprise in 2021?

“The value placed on NFTs and their acceptance as a rapidly emerging asset class.”

Is there a particular client use case that was new to E6 in 2021?

“Yes, there are two that we are particularly excited about. First, we were selected as the technology partner for a Crypto Exchange in Asia.  The exciting part of this use case is that with E6’s multi-asset, value-unit processing, we are providing more than off ramping. We are managing the conversion of crypto assets so our client’s customers can spend them both online and offline at merchants worldwide.”

“Second, we are making it easier for product teams to build and deploy products on-demand, in production. Now our clients can actually build products across debit, credit, preapid and more, without having to commit dev and other resources. It’s game changing. Our clients can deliver modern, payments products based on their customers’ needs and on their terms.”

What are you most excited about for 2022?

“The demand we’ve seen for our paytech has really charged up our employees. We’re 100 strong now across 5 continents! The E6 platform was built for change and our tech is future-ready; in fact, we are positioned to be the most cloud-ready paytech in the world. Every day, there are new ways to pay and E6 is building them. 2022 is going to be a tremendous year for growth for E6.”

John Mitchell

John Mitchell

John brings decades of fintech and payments expertise in leading and growing companies and startups. Prior to E6, John was the CEO of Rêv Worldwide, as well as the primary architect and strategist of Netspend Corporation’s early sales and distribution strategy.